Cockapoos are generally very healthy and robust medium sized dogs.  They can live 14-18 years. They have a loving personality, very people oriented and afftectionate, great childrens dog, low-shedding and low- dander.  So they are recommended for families with allergies.  They are easy to train.  Some may have a sleeker coat of a cocker spaniel while others may have a curlier coat like a poodle.  Regular grooming is required every 2-3 months.

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Mark/Carol in TX
I thought I would give you an update on Daisy/Sadie. She is precious although the cats don't necessarily think so yet.  She tries to get them to play and her tail wags a mile a minute but they don't want to have anything to do with her yet.  She knows her name and comes the first time I call her.  Today she mastered climbing up and down three steps to my back door.  She follows me everywhere so I have to shuffle along because she gets between my feet and when I stop someplace to wash the dishes or something she lays right on my feet. She likes to go on walks and she is learning to walk on the leash and doing well with that.  She loves to be outside ad runs like the wind and then when she comes in she collapses from exhaustion :) She is getting the hang of potty training but we have a ways to go with that but she's still very young .

She met my vet the other day and he was very impressed with how clean she was and that her nails were cut and could tell that you were a good breeder.  Leslie in MO  May 2018 
Hi TOMMIE! Here is Charlie at 5 months.  He is 13 pounds.  Just got his big boy haircut today.  
Carol - May 2018
SOLD to Ansley in AR
Hi Tommie -- Lola is so sweet and smart! She is adapting and learning fast. We have only had one accident -- the very first day. Since then she seems to know that she should do her business outside.
We took her to the vet yesterday, who gave her a clean bill of health. She had her second puppy shots and fecal test, which came back clear. We will start her on heartworm and flea preventives today. She still only weighs 3 pounds.  
Thank you for bringing us Lola!
Thank you for bringing us Lola!


Brooke in AR

SOLD to 
Gwen in AR
Alexandra in
Amy in AR
SOLD to Varsha in TX
Tenille in OK
SOLD to 
Marcy in AR
We hope to have cockapoo puppies late OCT 2022

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