Just a few of our PAST COCKAPOO puppies now with their forever families.
Hi Tommie, I adopted Paige from you almost 2 years ago.. she is the sweetest little dog:)) I am soooo enjoying her. She is a registered TDI (therapy) dog. We have gone to schools, nursing homes, rehab.. parades. She's the best. Thanks again.  Kathy Krajewski    12-13-2010
Dear Tommie, I found the cargo place no problem, Xena was the first one out.   :)  We adore her and she is so calm and precious. She likes playing with our min. daucshund, Duke. She wimpers every now and then, I think she misses her 1st family... We just give her some lovin and she seems better. I think we are going to call her Millie.
I was going to write you last night but, I did not get to bed until 2:00am. I got lost going home- but eventually got back on track. It was well worth the trip and Xena is safe and will get all the love she needs.  It must have been the longest day for Xena but she is crashed on my couch now.  Thank  you and Meaghan and I are going to be very happy with our new girl.  Take Care, Good luck, She is beautiful  Mary in AZ
Hi Tommie, we wanted to send you a photo of Sophie, she turned a year old on Thurs. Aug. 26th, we had a little party for her, Grampa came over and brought  her a stuffed racoon, lol... she is SPOILED !!  But we wouldnt have it any other way.
Julie and Scott
Tommie, I just wanted to send you an update on Lexi along with a new photo.  She is now 8 1/2 months and about 6 1/2 pounds.  I don't think she'll make 10 pounds.  Such a sweet little girl, full of life and loves to play.  We keep checking out your website and seeing the new puppies.  Wish we could adopt more.  I just don't know how you can part with them.  They are all just adorable.  Many thanks again and good luck with all your little ones!
Katrina Shinn in Virginia  2-28-2011
Hi Tommie, Just wanted to let you know that Toby (aka Tiny Tim) is doing great. 
He is already doing good with potty training,he sleeps through the night and he is a little chow hound!  Austin is adjusting really well and they have already become buddies. 
You really do such a great job breeding the dogs and sending them to us as health, happy pups...Thanks again for our SONS !      Jill in MA         2-22-2011
Hi Tommy, this is Stewie (Thomas) at about 4 1/2 months.  He is a joy every single day.  He just got a little haircut.  I can't tell you how much fun we have had with him.  He is the star of the dog park that we go to.  His personality is amazing and he is soooo darned cute.  We are starting obedience class only to get our leash walking in order, he thinks he's a sled dog, and I need to get some help on being a "pack leader", I find it hard to say no!   He is the sweetest dog ever. He has never cried or whined when in his kennel from the 1st night and he slept through the night right away.  Unheard of!
I look at your web site all the time.  I had my eye on Champ.  I'm thinking by the time he is about a year then maybe it could be time to add another pup to the family.  I've been so spoiled with Stewie though.
I love him so much,
Thanks again. Linda K from Phoenix     5-15-2011
   Lexi's first birthday is today.  Just wanted to send you a photo so you can see how beautiful she is.  She is such a joy! 
Katrina Shinn    6-16-2011
Hi Tommie,
Sandy/Trixie is doing very well. She really warm up to us right away. She did really well last night. We will send you a picture of her real soon. I took her to the vet and the vet said she looked good. Thank you for everything. You made buying a puppy very easy.
Kelly in IL  4-13-2011
dear tommie:
just wanted to let you know that lucy is doing just great. she is adjusting to everything and boy oh boy is she getting exposed to lots of pups, people, places, etc.. she is sweet and smart. we are using a great trainer that helps us learn just what to do with her to have her become a great dog. we used the same trainer with our last dog, charlie. she sleeps through the night and now has gotten used to some more brief sessions during the day in the crate (about an hour) without any protestation. she has lots of toys and gets tons of exercise. she needs the rest! again, we thank you for doing all the right things with her early on so that she is well adjusted. will send you pictures as she grows up. she has not even been here three weeks but she has melted everyones hearts already. cheryl in MA     7-18-2011
Hi Tommie, Toby arrived safely.  He is still trying to figure out his new home.  He certainly misses you and your family.  He has been crying a little, but has very playful moments as well.  Everyone has been telling us how beautiful he is...thank you so much.  It has been a wonderful experience with you!  I am sure that we will have more updates in the coming weeks.  For now, Toby is finding comfort behind the living room curtains.
Thanks again!
Katrina and Alaina  in MA   8-10-2011
Hi Tommie!
I hope all is going well.  While I have a few moments, I thought I would give you a brief update on my little baby, Moo.  She has been doing absolutely wonderfully.  Of course, we had our ups and downs in the beginning but she is just doing great.  I consider her fully housetrained, she has been to the vet twice to get boosters for all of her shots, she is on a heartworm preventative, and she's getting her microchip Friday!  She walks happily on a leash, she can 'sit' and 'come', and she has been having a ball meeting everyone around my apartment complex.  Twice, I have brought her with me down to New Orleans to visit my family who is absolutely in love with her.  She especially loves playing with my mom's two cats.  I want to thank you so much again for providing such an essential part of my family.  I can't imagine life without her.
PS I have attached a picture of Moo in her car seat I bought her.  She is QUITE the traveler.
Thanks again,
Ellen  SEPT 2011
Hi Tommie   Just letting you know, Tucker made it just fine.  He is presently sitting on my lap looking around.  I am going to have to very careful or he will be spoiled, he loves to be held already.
Tonight will be a real challenge when he has to go back into his crate. 
Thanks again Tucker is a sweetie.  Will keep you posted on his progress.
Linda in WA       8-10-2011
Hey Tommie, Thanks for the great info! It's really hard to leave him alone at night because he starts whimpering...it's really upsetting. Yes, we are crate training simply because of our work schedules. I've put together a fairly large play pen with him and a crate is attached to it. He is currently peeing/pooping all over the puppy pads but I hope he starts going outside. He loves to go for walks but he just won't go to the bathroom outside. I'm sure he will eventually. We went to the vet today and he is in excellent shape. He did have some grime in his ears so I'll be cleaning that regularly. Everyone loves his blue eyes and falls for him every time! I'll send you new pics as he grows. Also, do you have any pics of him when he was born and all?
Take care,  Jeby in MD  9-7-2011
We have Koko! My daughter hasn't stopped smiling and has given her lots of kisses already.  Laurie in TX
Hi Tommie, Well, I am home with Pixie, and she is so amazing and beautiful. She travelled on my lap the whole way. Thank you for taking such good care of her!
Miha in Canada  SEPT 2011
Hey Tommie we are checking in on all of you. Butch and Sundance are doing great and are as happy as ever.  Kate/Mitch  in TX  SEPT 2011
Hi Tommie, Just wanted to let you know that we are in love with our puppy, Java! (We kept his litter name.) He is so sweet, and also lots of fun!! He's really smart and has been really easy to potty train. (Couple of accidents here and there, but relatively easy!) My son, Benner has been a very attentive dog owner and is with Java whenever he isn't in school. Java cries for Benner as he leaves the car while in the carpool lane. And Java waits at the door for him to come home. I have had big dogs all of my life, however I am really fond of this medium size dog! Thank you! Laurel in Dallas TX  OCT 2011
Hi Tommie,Pansy (Meg) arrived safe and sound. Isn't this a cute picture?  Stewie just doesn't know what to think, he's so excited, much to her dismay sometimes.  I think they are going to get along great.  She slept good last night and is eating and exploring this morning.  She is going to be a treasured addition to our family.  Thanks you again for raising such wonderful dogs. 
Linda in AZ.  SEPT 2011
Hello Tommie, Both puppies are home with us now, safe and sound.  Both appear energetic and happy, so I guess they took pretty well to the traveling.  We’ll be in touch, thanks very much Scott in CA
Hi Tommie,  It's already been a year since Frankie arrived "home"! He is so loved and remains a happy little doggy! Here are pics from his b-day party in July (yep, he had his doggy friends over). . .cooling off in his pool. . . and hanging out at home! Thanks again for providing such a great little friend!
Lisa and Frankie in AZ  Oct 2012
Hi Tommie,
I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying Jersey (we have re-named him Java).  He is quite a sweet boy and is friendly to everyone.  I have taken him to the vet for an initial appointment and the Vet and the entire staff were quite impressed with him.  They said that he looks great and almost didn't let me leave with him as they enjoyed him so much. I will keep you posted as he grows with us. Thanks for doing such a great job socializing him.  Best,  Rochelle L in TX   SEPT 2011
Hi, Tommie! Pearl is doing really well!  We have chosen to call her Bailey.  She fits in really well in our family.  Her temperament couldn't be better.  She loves to play, but also really loves snuggle up to us every chance she gets.  She is such a cuddler, and both our girls love having her around.  Our cats aren't so excited, but they are coming around.  My parents have been keeping her at their house during the day while we are at work, so she and Paris ("Maggie Mae") have been playing a lot together.  I love it, because she's completely worn out by the end of the day.  They are the perfect entertainment for each other. Thanks for checking in with us!  I hope to have new updates for you soon  Jamie in TX  SEPT-2011
Tommie, Paris is doing great.  She is gaining weight and is only on dry food.  During the work day, Pearl comes over to play with Paris and to let us continue the housebreaking effort.  Housebreaking is going well since we are here all day to take them out every hour or so.  It will be time to take out Paris ’ stitches this weekend – everything is good there.  Paris seems really smart and responds well to our training efforts.  Jerry in TX  SEPT 2011
Hey Tommie, I wanted to send you an updated picture of Bailey. It got a little cold around here and her Daddy, my hubby, came home with this cute jacket.
She is one adorable fireball. I was hoping she would attach to my husband since our other cockapoo is all about me, she did. They are best buds even though she loves me too! She is a perfect fit for our family. Ohh and when she runs she hops like a deer! It's the funniest thing to watch!
Thanks for finding us the perfect dog. She is almost six months and weighs 6.2 lbs.
Thanks, Anne in SC  JAN 2012
Hey Tommie,  Jinx AKA Oliver  is doing great!  He was a trooper on the ride home - didn't cry at all!  He slept with me last night and is investigating my laptop as I type now.  He is very curious and REALLY sweet. He is even able to get along with my territorial chihuahua, which is NOT easy!  He is eating fine and seems to be adjusting very well!  He will definitely be spoiled!  Thank you so much!  I will send you some pics as he gets a little older.  Charmaine in MS    SEPT 2011
Dearest Tommie, How can we ever thank you for taking such wonderful care of our delightful little puppy, Jazzi (formerly Jasmin)! She arrived safe and sound in her darling pink carrier. She is so cute and adorable. We are crazy in love with her. She is smart as a whip and already has me trained! Jazzi’s soft fluffy hair is such a pleasant change from all our previous short-haired dogs. I’m not getting much housework done though because all I want to do is watch, hold, pet, and play with her.
Jazzi’s totally at home here and we’ve completely bonded. You were right on when you described her darling personality – she loves lots of attention and especially likes her tummy rubbed! She is seriously teething. We’re attempting to train her not to bite. Fortunately she loves all her new toys! She is extremely inquisitive and investigates everything. Jazzi plays hard, runs around wildly, then drops and crashes at my feet!
She is already potty trained to the Potty Patch and slept through the first night in her crate without an accident. I’m mixing the Royal Canin food with the Pro Pac you sent. She seems to really like the Royal Canin as she eats it first! Jazzi quickly mastered the stairs in our 2-story home. She actually bounces down them! She stands on her hind legs at our French doors and barks to get out to our back yard where she loves chasing the leaves.
Jazzi is a precious treasure and very entertaining. She is bringing us so much joy! I sincerely appreciate all your hard work and the loving environment you provided to raise such a well-balanced, healthy, and happy puppy. Working with you has been a wonderful experience. You are so patient and supportive making our whole adoption process efficient and almost effortless. Thanks again for such a sweet well-adjusted puppy! More news and new photos to come later.                     Marilyn in WA 9-23-2011
hi tommie, just wanted to wish you a happy holiday season and of course send you this picture of Chesney.. He is a great dog and so much fun!  We luv him so much!.. He will be turning 2 in March and i'm thinking of getting another Cockapoo ...i will be checking your website !
happy holidays!   darcy cassidy    12-2011
Hi Tommie,  Happy New Year…   just want to let you know that Jack is still doing great and we’re really enjoying him!    He is bonding great with everyone J   sleeps well, doing potty outside (most of the time J)    I’m attaching a few pics so you can see how big he’s getting…    Thanks again!   Eileen   Eileen  in NJ  1-3-2012
Hey Tommie, Gemma is fantastic.  We picked her up from the airport and let her out of her kennel immediatly.  We had put out food for her and she went to that right away.  My goodness she was hungry.  We got her home and she started exporing.  It was so silly.  My nine year old 80lb lab was so scarred of her at first.  Gemma would walk up to her and she would kind of trot away and hide behind a wall.  She would peek around the corner to make sure that little one pound Gemma wasnt coming over to viciously attack her.  It was so funny.  This morning when we got up and went outside they both started to play with eachother. 
I want to thank you again for giving us this gift.  I can tell that you spend alot of time with your puppies.  When she had to go bathroom she went to the front door right away nd startred whimpering.  I can tell that she is going to be a smart puppy.
Well anyway, I dont have much else as of this time. I will keep in contact and send pictures of our new family member soon.  Take Care, Cassie and Jebediah Anderson  in WA  12-2011
Hello Tommie, I thought I would share the "on the way home" picture with you.   It looks like Jingles (Ryder) is having fun helping his big brother drive home!!!  LOL
They have made it to the Jackson, MS area so they are about 2 hours from being home.
I wanted to thank you for everything you have done that has enabled us to add this beautiful puppy to our family.  He will be loved & spoiled for sure!  I can't wait to meet him!!!
Sincerely yours,   Marie and Jay in MS                   12-2011
Hi Tommie-
We just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Spirit (joy) is the PERFECT playmate for our kids!
Have a wonderful holiday!
The Doyle Family  in LA  12-2011
Poca/ JAX
Blue Belle/
Poca/ JAX
Poca/ JAX
Poca/ JAX
Blue Belle/Spud
Hi Tommie,
I bought my puppy from you a year ago. I just wanted to send you some updated photos of her and tell you how happy we are to have her. Thank you so much for helping us add such a wonderful dog to our family. We all love her so much and she is definitely a great addition tto the family.
Thank you again  Kirstin Hill    April  2012

Hi Tommie,
At last I can send you a picture of Dahpne (Bubbles-purchased 10/11)!  I am a bit behind in technology.  She has adapted well, and she and Chloe play all day both in and out.  She has learned that squirrels are to be stalked and chased, and that rivers are good to swim in!  The change in Chloe (2 1/2 year cockapoo) is tremendous.  So much more energy and zest!  No more turning up of noses at meals around here!  Thanks so much for working with me so we could all be together.
Donna E   March 2012
Hi Tommie,
Just to let you know, Ginger is generally doing very well.  She has made a smooth transition to our house, and the kids really enjoy her.  She is pretty close to potty trained and is sleeping through almost the whole night (4:30 am is pretty close).
We took her to the vet Saturday, Feb. 18, days after her arrival and again on Feb. 24 for her next round of deworming/shots.  The vet found her to be healthy.  
MADDIE, NICOLE and BRIAN in VA  March 2012
Hello, Jill arrived without to much difficulty. She was exhausted from the trip but was still in pretty good spirits last night.  She is so sweet so far and still trying to figure out her new home.  We are very happy!  Thank you so much! Sydney in AK  April 2012
Hi Tommie,Just a quick note to let you know that Laser is home and adjusting well. Riley (our 2 yr old Cockapoo) loves him and they have been playing outside. He is SUCH a sweetheart and so lovable. He has found the perfect home! We adore him already... Thanks again for everything!
Heidi in CO  May 2012
Hi Tommie!  Just wanted to let you know that Roxy (Skittles) is sleeping safe and sound on my lap as I send this email!!  She is even more adorable in person than I could have ever imagined!!  She
is going to get more love and attention than one dog should get!!  Thank you for everything and we will keep up updated on her progress!!!
Amy Y.  in DE  JUNE 2012
Good morning!  We got him with no problem and he was a hit in Manchester too.  He is more than we hoped for and is PERFECT for us.  He was quiet Friday and some of Sat., but got very playful by the end of Sat.  He seems to already be adjusting to puppy pads and going outdoors.  Almost no accidents.  We are already in love with him.  We will make an appointment at our vet for later this week. My 2 kids came home this weekend for Father's Day and fell in love with him too.  We will have 4 grandchildren with us in 2 weeks so that will help adjust him to kids.  I know he will do just fine with them.  It has been a pleasure dealing with you.  We will be in touch if we have any questions.  Thanks for our new family member.   Marge in VT  JUNE 2012
Hey Tommie!!! We are already so in love with Belle and Liberty.  Jamie in AR  July 2012
She is doing great!! She is eating the science diet puppy food just fine and has only had two poop accidents so far! She hasn't peed in the house or her crate once yet! Last night I put her in her crate next to my bed and she didn't cry till about 4:50am and so I took her outside to go potty and she went! So she is already letting me know when she needs to go out! Then of course she thought it was playtime so I let her lay with me till I got up for work which she loved. And when I went home for lunch she immediately went potty outside and ate and went to lay in her new bed with her rope toy! We just love her so much! I will keep you updated over the next few weeks as she settles into a routine!  Thank you so much!!  AMY D. in AR   JULY 2012
  Hi Tommie,
I can't express how happy we all are with Bostynn, "Merica!" She has been an AMAZING addition to our family!!!  Bostynn has adjusted well!  She is sleeping through the night, almost trained, and has learned some tricks!  My children are constantly fighting over her and who will hold her next!   We can't thank you enough for all you have done for our family!  Everyone has truly fallen in love! Sincerely,
The Arguin Family in MA July 2012
Hi Tommie, everything went fine they gave him to me 15 mins. after flight arrival. He was really scared, and shy. I put on his collar with his name tag (Jesse), I put the towel I brought on the passenger seat (didn't have the heart to drive home with him in the crate). It was tug of war of him trying to get on me for the 1st hour drive. Made 4 stops in case he wanted to drink water & pee. I put the AC vents pointing at him and he fell asleep till I got home. He ran me ragged in the back yard, loves the grass. Gave him a warm bath, gave him the food you sent with some Purina Puppy Chow to switch him gradually. He is super inquisitive and loves TV. He's my shadow, if can't see me he starts to whimper. I think we've bonded. Thanks, Al in FL  JULY 2012
Tommie, Graham ("Freedom") is doing great. The whole family, extended family and friends (and people we don't even know) are in love! If it's possible for him to be spoiled already I'm pretty sure he is. Graham is already a well traveled puppy. He spent only two nights at our house before we headed to Dallas for my youngest son's baseball tournament with Graham in tow. He traveled well. Set in my lap or the boys all the way and we only stopped twice for a bathroom break. We would just set him in the grass and within 15 seconds he'd take care of his business and then come stand on my feet. That's when I know he is done. I have quickly discovered he loves grass and hates puppy pads so we are working on that and have a Potty Park on the way.  Graham went to the baseball games with us and was the "hit" of the whole ballpark. I'm fairly certain every child under 12 came by to talk to him and play with him during the 6-day period. Moms from other teams that I have never seen in my life came by and held him and kissed on him. He is so good natured and loves to play, but when he gets tired he is done. It is so funny to watch him, one minute he'll be playing and jumping around and the next he is out cold. He plays until he absolutley can't go anymore and then when its naptime there is no waking him up until he is ready. Everyone is back home as of last night and Graham spent night three at our house. I'm back at work today and missing him alot! I literally have hundreds of pictures of him and will send some to you shortly. Thanks so much for bringing Graham into our life. He is already part of the family! Erin in AR  July 2012
He's doing great! We are crate training and he's doing great! He's eating good and drinking lots. The girls are loving him. They've named him caddo. The girls go to camp war eagle every year and their tribe is caddo. So they took that and named him! Lily (our shipoo) is not taking to him so well. But I think she just needs time. He's so tiny I don't know if she knows what to think. She's afraid of him! We will send some pics soon! Thanks so much. Caddo is a great addition to the family!
BRANDI in AR  July 2012
Hey Tommie,
Chip is adjusting very well! He is enjoying all of his new toys, especially his stuffed hedgehog and the blue monkey in the picture. Everyone that has seen him so far has just fallen in love with how adorable and sweet he is! He is well on his way to being potty trained as well and is definitely proving to be a fast learner! Thank you again so much for such a great puppy! I will definitely keep you updated on his growth as time goes on!  Thanks again,   Emily in TN  July 2012
He's been good! Changed his name to Buckwheat "Buck" Ragz haha. He slept most of the way back to Texas after we got him, he perched himself up on my shoulder and stayed there pretty much the whole drive. Sunday night he started trying to play with my other dog Spanky, and follows him around everywhere it's adorable! He's not doing so great with the crate at night and will continuously cry until he's out but he's fine sleeping on the bed, I'm trying to work him in to the crate little by little so he sees it as good and not bad. I'll attach a photo of him from last night sleeping :). Thanks for everything! He's so sweet and I'm so happy I got him!
Victoria in TX  July 2012
She is doing great!   Spoiled already.  I'll send pictures soon.  Thanks.
Amy in KY 
OCT 2012
Hi Tommie!
I just wanted to send you an update on Mollie! She is the sweetest baby! The vet always says she is their favorite patient. She is my little best buddy. Mollie goes everywhere with me--even follows me around the house! We are about to move and Mollie can't wait to be a Texan!
Thank you!   Megan C  APRIL 2013
Here are the girls with ol' Charlie Boy.  They just love him.  I give you my full permission to use the photo for your business as well as my statement.
"Kremer Kennel was professional from start to finish.  Our family dog was delivered to us healthy and beautiful.  Very pleasant puppy buying experience!"
-The Gilbert Family (Loveland Colorado)
Thank you again for Clarlie, he is so much fun!
-Zach, Jackie and the girls
OCT 2012
Hi Tommie! Just wanted to let you know Daisy arrived safe and sound today!! She is so cute and cuddly and is getting used to her new home already!
Thanks again!
Ally  & ALEX
in TX
OCT 2012
Hi Tommie, well we have our little bundle and she is beautiful and perfect. Her new name is ' Bella Roux' . i'II send pictures soon and if anyone ever questions your puppys they don't know what their missing!!!!! We love her so.
Bambi in LA
OCT 2012
Hi Tommie,  I hope all is well with you and your family and puppies!!!    I see that you finally had 2 new litters of cockapoos.    If you remember, we bought Jack from you in Dec. of 2011 (formerly Beamer (the big buff boy).. son of Jax and Randi.    
anyway,  i see that both Randi and Jax have new litters...  I'm so tempted.   
Attached are some pics of our Jack (some with short hair and some with long)... the best, smartest boy in the world.   he's about 1 1/2 now... he's very leggy and about 20lbs.   He loves his kitty, Penny... they are so funny, they are best friends. but I think he's do well with another friend/dog... he just loves everyone and wants so desperately to play.. !   thanks,
Eileen Bremer    FEB 2013
Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Jetta... she is doing great and is super smart. she gets along so well with our other dogs
Jennifer in MA
May 2013
Hi Tommie, We r loving Prissy, she is full of energy and personality!  After our friends picked up their dog yesterday it has been much calmer ;) she is an absolute delight.  Have a good day!  Sue in GA   APRIL 2013
We just wanted to let you know that Maggie is adjusting well. Here is a pic. She's growing like a weed!  We love her so much...she is probably spoiled a little. :).
Carrie and Emma  in AR  June 2013
We picked up our little puppy tonight. She is super cute and so sweet. All my kids were so surprised.   She is sound a sleep in her kennel and I'm hoping she will stay that way for a while.  Just wanted to give you and up date. Here's a photo.
Suzan M.  JAN 2014
Charlie ( Jinx) went to the vet today for his next shot. He weighed 3.8 lbs. We are getting so much joy from him. He is a sweetheart. He does have a mind of his own. Thankyou so much for him.   Ellen
Ellen in OK  APRIL 2013
Tommie, Hubby and I couldn't be happier with our adorable Callie. She has already slept through the night in her purple crate---on her 4th night.  Sooo cute, sooo sweet, sooo playful. We love her so much-- a forever dog she will be. Thank you so much for breeding these precious healthy, socialized puppies. 
Jeanne in OK    June 2014
BEAR (Maxwell)
Oh my what can I say! I love this little cockapoo so much. Thank you, Tommie, for doing such a wonderful job in preparing this little one to come home! He is such a beauty! I've taken him several places and he is always so confident and friendly! He has done so well going outside to potty... only had one accident. He's eating well. He is wonderful around children... 5 little girls all wanting to hold him! So patient! Today, he went to his crate by himself and took a nap! And... he's such a good little bed partner! Thanks again, Nessa  June 4th, 2014
Hi Tommie- I just wanted to give you a quick update on Bailey/Dash. He has been such a great puppy and we are so happy with him. He's adjusting really well. He's sleeping through the night, only had a few accidents the first few days, had no trouble transitioning to his new food, and even knows a few tricks. He is totally loveable and really great about tolerating all the cuddling he's been getting from our daughters (and us!) He went to the vet yesterday and they said he looks perfect and everyone wanted to take him home. Thanks so much for doing such a great job getting him ready for us. We couldn't be happier! Cheryl in OK  JUNE 2014
"Cookie" with my 3 girls! We love her. She is so sweet! I'm telling you what, this baby girl is absolutely the best mannered puppy I've ever been around. I feel so lucky to have gotten such a great dog and you obviously did a great job raising her! I will send you more pics as she gets bigger! Thanks again! Christine  in IN JUNE 2014