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 Kremer Kennel strives to deliver a sound, healthy, well socialized puppy free of internal and external parasites. 

ALL Puppy names are just our names for them and can be changed.

Our puppies are feed a high quality puppy food: PRO PAC PUPPY.  When this food can not be found we suggest using Royal Canin, Iams, Eukanuba, or Science Diet.

All puppies over 12 weeks will also have their Rabies vaccination.

 We update our puppies photos every 7-10 days, give or take a day or two.  Please remember I have a family too.  If you need additional photos please contact me. 

Any question is welcomed. 

You may pick up your puppy rather than having him or her shipped.  Please contact me for Local Pricing without shipping if not listed on the web page.

Kremer Kennels is located in Scranton, Arkansas, in other words "the River Valley" area. We are a small  inspected kennel.   Our puppies are socialized  with my children, other dogs, and most importantly, they are allowed to be dogs.  They are aquainted with puppy pads but we push GOING OUTSIDE.   
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I can be reached by mail, phone, or email anytime concerning any of my puppies.

Tommie Sue Kremer
9388 E State Hwy 197
Scranton, AR 72863

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All puppies are vaccinated for their age.  Each puppy is wormed every two weeks starting at the age of 3 weeks.

We ship our puppies by commercial airline as soon as 8 wks old, some Saturdays , no Sunday flights.  Puppies arrive the same day.  Currently we only ship within the United States.  Shipping costs are for American Airlines, if shipping must be with Delta or Continental (during the summer months)to reach your destination, the cost could be approx $125.00 or more.

Shipping on ALL BOSTON puppies is a little more because "snub nosed" breed.  (PRICE is listed on the web page unless a kennel fee is needed.) 
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