Recent Boston Puppies
with their new families
One of our puppies is a STAR!!!
Just a note to let you know how much we have enjoyed our little guy.   Beau (Spots) is such a delight to our life and we have continued to spoil him.   I entered him in a photo contest for Freshpet dog food and he won and is featured on their blog.   You can see him below.   Beau loves playing with plastic hangers and he gets tangled up occasionally.    We are thinking of getting another puppy and would like to know when you will have another litter.
Barb Casey    4-9-2010
We are so in love with this lil man! He is so spoiled! The vet wanted to buy him from us, he said he is perfect. Thanks for such a wonderful pet. He is up to 11lbs now!  Kristy in LA    12-21-2010

My baby is precious. She is sleeping on her new sisters blanket. Everything went great except it took me awhile to get away from work but made it right at 10:00. Thanks again. She already has my heart.  Glenda  in OK  4/2011
Hey Tommie, just wanted to let you know that little McGee (Cash) is doing great. You were right about him having a personality! He was chewing on my husbands shoe and my husband told him no, the look on McGees face was priceless! He looked right up at him and gave him a "how dare you!" bark. It was hilarious.
Thank you so much for my new little munchkin. I'll send you more pictures when he gets older.
Katie in AR  4-16-2011
I had to send you this picture. Tyson and Josie cuddling. We love her so much.  Michelle in NY  9-15-2010
Hi Tommie,
Houston made it on time to Phoenix and in good shape. He is so sweet and rambunctious and adorable!! My son renamed him "Jules". I'm going to register his microchip right away.
Thank you,
Hi Tommie~ Just wanted to let you know Jessie arrived safe and sound, her flight was delayed a hour or so but she was fine. We brought her home, fed and gave her water and she started running around immediately! She is sleeping on the floor with my son right now. I am sending a few pictures of her in her new home.
Thanks again!  Patti in NY
Hi Tommie!
Hope all is well with you and all your four-legged friends! Monday, May 16th was our little Daisy's birthday (you called her Savanah; she was a pup from Sassy and Lil' Man). I wanted to send you a few pictures, including a funny one of her celebrating with her special doggie birthday cupcake. She was even chosen as the 'Pet Pic of the Day' on today! Have a great weekend,
Courtney in TX  5-20-11
Tommie, Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that we took Desmond (formerly Jackson) to the vet today and the vet says he looks great, and he got his second shot.  He's a very quick learner, he's doing very well with potty training and he's learning to stay calm in his crate. He has slept through every night that he's been here so far without any problems. He's such a sweetheart too, we love him very much.
It must be exhausting raising so many puppies, even 1 is quite a handful! :p I appreciate your hard work. Thanks again for raising him for his first 9 weeks and for making the whole process of getting him to Oregon so easy. Have a good day!
-Jessica in OR
We went to the vets today and have decided on no puppies so limited registration is fine. The vet said that Rowdy looks perfect. I told him all about you - the food, potty training, weening, etc. -  and he said "your breeder  sounds like a class act"!
Gracie Mae really likes her new brother too!  He is a great!  I will send you a few more photos.
Thanks again.
Char R in CO
Hi Tommie  Just a quick note to let you know Charlie is doing very well and having a great time.  He is already barking at the cats and trying to get them to play with him (but they want).  He has lots of toys and he plays with all of them.
Charlie is going to be a very head strong and stubborn little dog, he has already thrown several temper tantrums because he couldn't get his way and he is very stubborn, "Nancy says he's just like me".  So I think we're going to get along just fine.
He took to the cuddling right off, in fact it started on the way home from your place, he sat in my lap most of the way home.
  You have a great week    Ray  in AR                                2010  SEPT
Hi Tommie -- The papers came today -- thank you for everything! Especially thank you for this wonderful girl! Love her so much -- she is PERFECT! Already 100% potty trained and such a Mama's girl. I couldnt be happier. Let me know if you ever need someone to vouch for the quality of your wonderful pups!  Leandra in AL
We named her Maddie 5 months old now full of energy loves to play great with the kids thanks again.  Robert in AR
Tommie, Wanted to let you see how our little Harli is growing up.  She is such a lilltle darling, my husband believes she is a little gift from God.  She is
loved so much even by her big sister Lucy. In the pic check out the little brindle marking on her legs. We thank you so much.  Ever need a reference let me know.  Thanks
Donna  1-14-2012

Hi Tommie, just wanted to let you know I got Starbuck and he is perfect, thank you so much!
Breann in CO
Hi Tommie~ Just wanted to let you know Lindsey (Sheena) arrived safe and sound! Her sister Jessie luvs her and will not leave her side. Both of them are on the couch sleeping by me as I write this. I sent some pictures of them both. Thank You Tommie, for my 2 precious Bostons! Patti in NY   11-3-2011
Vader (Sinbad) and Lilo (Clark)
Hello -long time no talk - hope you are doing great! We have two happy healthy and adventurous pups that we love! I was just curious if you have photos of their parents? I never thought to ask. Sinbad is just the most handsome BT we've ever seen - we get so many compliments on him and we're constantly praising your name! Thanks!! Juli
Chris, Lilo and Vader :)  in MA   5-30-2012
Shiloh now known as BUCKEYE has arrived safely in Florida and made three little campers very happy!! Tim in FL   11-30-11
Isn't he just perfect?? 
Jennifer in AR  1-3-2012

Check out the photos of Lincoln (was Sarge) he is so much fun, loves to eat out of his bigger brothers food bowl.
His older buddy is Raleigh, 13 year old cocker. they have been great together.
Thanks for all your help.
Marc in TX    April 2012
It's been a year since I picked up my baby McNugget (one of his many nicknames). Just wanted to send you a picture of him to show he's doing great and I couldn't have asked for a better dog!! He's about 20-22 pounds. All muscle. He's a playing fool. His favorite toy is his ball. He can't go anywhere or do anything unless it is right next to him. He's so sweet. Thank you so much for him!  
Katie   April 2012
she is doing well her name is Nina, meaning little girl in Spanish. she was super tiered yesterday but is alive today. she chases my yr. old niece around the house and sets calmly by my side. she has won our hearts already. Liz
Liz in UT  SEPT 2012
Just wanted to send you some new pictures of Jasper. He is quite the little "Hoot" entertaining us with his antics.  You should have taken the back talk out of him though as he always has to have the last word especially if you tell him no! "Yip Yip!" He likes to pester our cat Thomas and today he discovered new fun running through the house with a milk jug. Guess that one wont make it to the trash after all.  He weighs 7 pounds now. He is beginnig to come tell us when he needs to go outside (I think its for the treat he gets) He is a smart little critter and we love him to bits. Your puppy Friends, Richard, Adam and Diann in MO  AUG 2012
Shayla now Annabel Lee (The little maiden that lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me) :) is safely at home in KY. I am thirilled! She is precious. my dad is holding her now. My boston, Tony, is crazy about her! I think this little girl will be very spoiled.:) I cant stop smiling! Thank you for this little ray of sunshine in our lives! Faye in KY :) AUG 2012
Hi Tommie, how have you been?
I just went ahead and registered "Juliet" (we call her Saylor now),
She is doing great! No health issues, she gets along really well with other dogs and puppies as well as humans. She is very loving and will not leave my sight and will not let me leave hers...
She does seem to have some separation anxiety which we are working thru and is getting better. So far potty training has been a challenge but we actually made some leaps in the last 24 hrs and I know patience is the key here. I love her and she is def a little diva! :)
I will send you a couple of pictures here shortly.
Thanks, Malik  in MI   AUG 2012
Ember (Shasta) arrived safe and sound around 5PM Friday. She fits right in with our family! Her big brother is already in love with her...they are currently chasing each other around the house. She already teases him by stealing his toys and bones when he's not looking. She is absolutely beautiful, we have gotten so many compliments already. Thank you again for our wonderful little girl. She is such a joy. We actually recommended you to someone we passed by in the airport!
Amanda in PA  OCT 2012
Hi Tommie, I have some more pictures of the babies! 

Everyone is doing well.  We are having an issue with Ollie’s ears but we think we have it under control now.  It was almost like dead skin/dry skin all along the outsides of his ears.  We are using something called “Bag Balm” and applying it twice a day.  It seems to be working well. 

Bea’s going to be a show girl, she starts her first training this Friday and the first show is in January.  We think she will do well, she is very mellow and listens.

Hope all is well with you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week
Rebecca in AK  NOV 2012
Hi Tommy,  I wanted you to see this picture of my sweet little Annabel. This was taken on her first birthday, she is still tiny but a perfectly healthy and happy little girl.  She spends her days playing, chasing butterfly's, grasshoppers and a occasional mole.  Thank you Tommy for my precious girl!  Faye   July 2013
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