Rat Terriers, Frenchton and MORE
Now living with their new families!
Roxie, she is wonderful. She is so much fun to have around. She is very spoiled though. One of these days maybe we can get another one...Kimberly
Just wanted to send some pics we have been taken. We love her very much and she is doing good.  I would like to thank you for the great and easy buy of Pixie. The only thing we found that she don't like is the snow.  We will keep u updated..
Matt and Sam
Here is a pic of Rygel so you can post it on your website.   He is absolutely the love of our lives.  Getting him was one of the best things we have ever done.   He moved with us to Arizona.  He is learning to swim and doing very well with it.   He actually likes to float on the rafts more then anything hehe.  He likes the a/c and he loves to cuddle at night with us in bed.   He loves to sleep with the kitten we got.  Here are a couple pics of him for your site.   I would highly recommend buying a Pug from Tommie to anyone who is reading this.   Not only did the whole transaction go well with the payment, shipping and picking him up but he truely has one of the best personalities I have ever seen on any dog.   We love him so much.   Thanks again Tommie :)  Mary, James and Little James
Hi Tommie,
I thought I would send some pics of Snapple Tristan, our min-pin we got from you over the summer. He is going to be 9 months old soon. He really lives up to the 'king-o-toys' stereotype for his breed. He loves to play and is spoiled rotten. He is very well trained, though, and is a joy to have around. Thanks,  Idun and Matt
Dear Tommie,
  I just wanted to let you know how Mickey is doing!  He is the joy of my life.  A wonderful Pug from obvioulsy wonderful lines.  Beautiful coat, conformation and temperment.  I would recommend your kennel to everyone I know.  I will send some pics also.  Thanks again.
Margaret Maynard                                              2-2-09
Hello Tommie,
I though we would give you an update on Kingcake (Jersey and Cupcake (Joy). Both are doing well and proven to be true companions.
They are great watchdogs and very active. They are now Spayed and neutered. They are very loving. Cupcake is almost twice the size of her brother.    King has become a serious lap dog when he wears down from playing. Cupcake is  20 Lbs and king is 15Lbs.  They are waiting for me everyday when I get home from work. They have also gotten along well with my older dachshund.  They have become a happy part of the family. we will keep you up to date as they grow older.
Jeff                                 6/2009
I just wanted to let you know that Tank (Tramp) is doing great!
He is an amazing dog and him and Layla (my schnauzer) are doing great!  They run around outside with each other and play together all the time! He has been amazing so far with house breaking and he is so loveable and is doing so well with regular training!
We could not be any happier with him!!!  He is 4 and 1/2 pounds right now and our vet said he is 110% healthy!
I attached a recent picture of him and I hope all is going well with you!
We will be in touch and talk to you soon! Elysia! & tank!
Hi Tommie- I wanted to send you some updated photos of Ashes (Beezy). He is a fantastic dog and so adorable! Randy & I couldn't be more in love. We always get comments on how good looking he is and that people have never seen a black puggle! He truly is our special little guy! Thanks so much!
Melissa, Randy, and Beezy    11-2010
Little Girl is here safely and breaking into her new home well!  She has been playing and now resting.  She is a beauty!!!  Thanks so much!
I will send you some more pictures later.
Kristina               Nov 2010

Hi Tommie, I just wanted to check back in with you and tell you again thank you so much for Ruby (formerly Madison ).  She has brought so much happiness into our lives!!!  I attached a few pictures of her that we’ve taken (there are so many more, but these I had on my computer). 
Also I know that it’s hard to find reliable breeders especially online and my parents are interested in getting a golden retriever puppy.  Do you know of any credible breeders?
Thank you!
Rachel  in CA    4-27-2011
Hi Tommie,
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Olive (previously known to you as Frosty).  She is so much fun and everyone who meets her loves her!  She is almost 16lbs now and is all muscle.  Olive gets to hang out at my parents farm during the day and just loves "helping" my dad do stuff around the farm; she even rides with him in the tractor!  We are kept on our toes by this spunky puppy and even when we're exasperated with her she still melts our hearts. She and Daisie, her best Boxer friend, got to stay overnight at a kennel when we went out of town and they took Olive in the house and had a little photo shoot with her. (Thus the attached picture. Honestly, I would never have thought to put pearls on Olive, but I have to say it is very cute!)
Thanks again,
p.s. We found out that Olive is allergic to honeybees. She went into shock shortly after being stung and we had to rush her to the vet.  Thankfully, with some steroids and benedryl, she recovered quickly.
Caitlin  in WA  7-19--2011
Just wanted you to know "rascal" aka Tulsa fits the rest of the pack just fine. He is a good little guy with lots of spirit. His new playmate is a 2yr old pitbull/boston terrier, approx 50 lbs. Its a hoot how rascal stands up to him.
Thanks again!  Kathy S in AR
Hi! here are some pictures of the puppy. We've renamed him Dexter. He is doing so great and we couldnt be happier with him. Thank you so much once again. -William  in OR
Hi Tommie just checked out your puppies they look great. thought i would send a picture of Titan he is 16mo now and the man of the yard. He loves to climb on our laps and has to have lots of lovin. He is beautiful. Michelle Poull in Ok
He's here!!!!! Tanner arrived on time! (thank God) He is so much better looking than on the internet. His first few hours have gone great. I can't believe this pup already, he started whining when we got him home & scatched at the door, he had to go potty!!! I think he is the most intelligent dog ever!! He has not messed in the house once yet. He whines when hes got to go. Unbelievable!!!:) He is quite a handfull, I can tell already. He loves to play! Chaces his own shadow, it's so funny! I hope he fits in our bed with Bailey & Tucker!? I don't know how you give these little guys up, but I'm so GLAD you do, because he's part of family now. I see you've had another litter! Keith says no about another one, but I would love to have them all! I don't know what you do to these dogs, but they are the greatest pups. Tucker has a great personality & I know Tanner will too. I will keep you updated on hes progress & how hes doing. Thank you SOOOOOOO much Tommie!   Kelly in PA
Hello we just wanted to send you an updated picture of her she's so amazing this is the best investment yet:). We changed her name to leila and she's responded pretty well. last month she got her shot's and this month she'll get her others.  She weighed in at 6 lb 5 oz a few weeks ago at the vet and she is potty trained .:) Thank you for our dog. we will keep you posted. Quentin/Rory
Hello Tommie Sorry it has taken me so long to do this. He has made it to 7 pounds now. Also came out of his shell!  We are redoing the kitchen so everything is a mess. He stay with my dad during the day and he really likes him. He takes him to the garden and riding, but always fells asleep pretty fast. I can't believe we have had him almost 2 months. Jake and him have began to play alot more now. At first Jake was not to sure about him. I had gotten him a small toy alliagator, but he likes ALL of Jakes bigger toys too.  He has gotten alot more "ticking" on him.  He is a sweetie, sometimes.  He is like a little heater.  Angela      7-2011
Hello Tommie- Just a short note to let you know "Otto" got here , safe and sound. AND he is adorable!!! Seriously-- he has got to be the cutest,sweetest, + responsive pup i have ever seen. It truely shows the care that was given to him, and the breeding you selected.- We will have to keep you in mind for future pups. He was unloaded off the plane in less than 5 minutes-- Cant thank you enough. Sincerely, Cindy + Randy  in WI  4-27-2011
Pat in MS
Tommie,  Zack is doing great.  We love him!  He has an extremely sweet disposition and loves to be wherever we are.  I wasn't sure about getting a new dog so soon after Jack's accident but I am very glad we did. 
           Jenny and Tom Mounts  in IN    6-8-2011
Kris in SD
Billie in AR
past pup
dixie arrived safe and sound, she is so social. what a cutie   thanks for everything, I'll keep in touch and let you know how she's doing .....
cindy in MI               6-1-2011
Hi Tommie,
We just wanted to start by saying Thank You so much for getting up early today to take Spike to the airport.  Wanted to let you know he arrived safe and sound.  I was wondering how much food to we give him?  They girls are in LOVE..
Thanks again,
Gregory & Josephine  
        in RI
Dear Tommie, I wanted to give you an update on Skeeter.   He is doing well and growing so fast.  We just love him to pieces and he is so smart!   He has learned to fetch, sit, lay down and even will speak on command.  He is doing well at housebreaking although we aren't totally there yet.  I am amazed at how easily he has picked up on everything we attempt to teach him.  We are hoping to start puppy training classes on Tuesday although he is already so advanced he may have to teach the class.  LOL  I am so glad we found you and Skeeter.  He's a real joy.  Thanks,  Cindy F. in MO  7-10-11
He is doing great and is very healthy he has a great life i will send more pictures as he continues to grow Jolynn &  Patty in CO
Mary in OK
Merry Christmas!  Thought I'd send a quick email and tell you that Skeeter is doing well. 
He graduated with top score in his obedience class.  He scored 196 out of a possible 200.  He is so smart and we love him very much.  12/2011
Bridgett/Cid past pup
past pup
Snug/Cid past pup
past pup
Bridg/Cid past pup
Snug/Cid past pup
Bridg/Cid past pup
Bridg/Cid past pup
Snug/Cid past pup
Snug/Cid past pup
He’s settled in and happy. The kids are having a “ball” with him…..Thanks a bunch!
Norman in VA
This is Eddie formerly known as Sydney. He's all grown up now & weighs about 10 lbs. He's a very happy & spoiled little dog.  He started treeing squirrel this year & that's all he wants to do when he's outside.  He had a few trips ti the vet his 1st yr. ( broke leg, snake bite, broke leg again ), but he's fine now & very much loved.
He's a very smart little dog.

APRIL 2013
Just wanted to let you know that we all made it back safe and sound to Texas.  Shyla and Simon are doing great and have even learned to use the doggie door we had installed for them.  They are eating well and playing hard.  We cant thank you enough for the privilege of allowing us to become their new parents.  We will keep you informed on their progress.  Thanks
Ed/Jean in TX  5-3-2012
Tommie  Tommorrow is Sam's birthday and just wanted to send you some pictures of him. He has grown alot and has gotten a bunch of new spots.
He thinks he is a tuff dog. Loves bugs and if someone is eatting he is right there waiting. We all love them! I am glad I found you  on the internet and for picking Sam!  Angela  March 2012
12  pounds
She is doing great. I think she is just a bit spoiled but not by me LOL and here is the other meaning putting your foot in your mouth. LOL Julie in OK April 2012
"Roux" is settling in perfectly! She played until she dropped last night! Crashed hard and woke up early ready to play! She is our little angel! Thank you for everything!
P.S. her big brother is taking a liking to her :)
April in TX SEPT 2012
Beagle/Jack Russell
Hi Tommie ! Just wanted to let you know Lolli is home with me and adjusting just fine. She gets along great with my roommates border collie, Kali. Lolli is so great to have around. I love her so much already. Thank you soo much ----
PS Attached is a picture of Kali and Lolli sharing a bone :D
Angelise in MD  SEPT 2012
I got jax a while ago. He got Here in super good conditions. Thank you so much for everything you have done!!! Claudia in AZ
NOV 2012
Tommie, Libby is doing great. We had our first snow last night. When Libby went out to pee she was like. "are you crazy" Thanks
Rick in NM 
DEC 2012
Ms Libby, a little over a year old. We still call her Libby. That name just fit her. Thanks again for such a great Jack Russell
NOV 2013

Libby- 1 yr