Past Shiba  Inu Puppies with their new families!!!
Hey Tommie,
Just wanted to update you on Loki and tell you he's doing wonderful:)  I'm also some pics taken the day we brought him home.  He is growing and getting more and more cute every day.  I've even taken him to work with me a couple of times and everyone loves him!  He is beginning to really show signs of being housetrained (although he finds his favorite "spots" in the house and likes to relieve himself on them) and he's a real joy!  We'll be taking more pictures of him in the next few days so you can see how our boy is growing up! 
After calling him Alaska for a few weeks and watching him develop habits like biting, chewing tearing all his toys, etc my husband named him Loki (I have to admit I didn't know this-- Loki is the norweigan god of mischief) and it's very fitting but we also understand he's teething and his little mouth probably hurts..  We took him to the vet yesterday and he now has his 12 week shots.  Dr. Winn explained to us that he may even have teeth fall out so we're trying to give him more things to chew.... yet at the same time if he tries to bite us we hold his mouth closed and say "NO BITING."  We also have a private trainer coming over to our home this weekend to evaluate Loki and see about private sessions to train him at home.  We felt this would be better than a class.  That way he can be taught to not "play attack" the cats and chew on our antique furniture that's been in my family for 3 generations.  LOL  Anyway he's doing great.  He's a puppy and usually puppies don't know any better until they're taught otherwise.  He is so wonderful, though.... he makes life around here so fun.
Anyway part of the reason I'm writing is to send you pics-- although most of them are of him in his crate since we're crate training.... and to let you know we're taking more if you're interested in having them.  Let me know. And if you can think of any suggestions for a 12 week old puppy let me know.  My husband has owned dogs/puppies before and this is old hat to him but Loki is my first! :)  Take care!
Amy       7-9-09
Hello Tommie!
Mitsu is going great!  We just got back from the Vet and she did very well, such a brave little girl!  And she had so much attention, everyone absolutely loved her!  She has been sleeping quite a bit, but that is to be expected after flying across the country!  When she is awake she loves to play with her ball and explore her new home.  She did great her first night- she slept through the night until around 6:30 this morning when we got up and gave her her first feeding and potty trip outside. 
She is such a sweet little girl and we could not be happier!  Thank you again so much for such a precious little puppy!  We love her so much!
Sarah and James
Hi Tommy, Todd(Oji) is doing GREAT. I absolutely love him, and so does the rest of the family. He is having a blast with our golden retriever, and he is getting along well with the cats as well. Right now he is taking a nap next to me in his bed cuz he has had a really busy day. I have been walking him twice a day and he plays the rest of the day with the golden retriever. So far he has taken about 3 one hour long naps during the day in between play, then he sleeps very well for about 9 hours. Surprisingly, he has not kept me up at all at night, he sleeps like a baby for a long time, and then quietly wimpers to be taken out for his morning walk. He is very well behaved, and is getting closer to being potty trained. He makes about 50% of his messes on his pee pads, and the rest go anywhere haha. He has just woken up and its dinner time for him, so Im going to go feed him now and hang out. I got the paper work in the mail. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OJI(Todd), HE IS AWESOME
3-13-09 SOLD to Jon in CA
hey tommie!!
thanks so much for our shiba boy Takashi !! He's totally housebroken and crate trained now.  the cats are gradually accepting, and Hiko, my siamese, catches himself playing with Takashi whether he really wants to or not!  He had to get a bath, and he liked the massaging shower attachment. He loves his bed and the cool tile floor, he loves to jump on but he's still scared to jump off the sofa!
We get asked a ton of questions everywhere we go, trust me he loves the attention... his new best friend is a basset hound named Truman and it's hilarious to watch a shiba puppy and a basset hound run around together!  He was so well socialized already, and we thank you for that.  We switched his food to fish based, due to vet recommendations.  The extra fatty acids are better for his coat and since the breed came from japan, he said that's what the breed has been eating since their beginnings.
Our puppy is happy, healthy, and we couldn't have asked for more! Here's some pics to enjoy!
Sincerely,   Sarah and Francis Bergeron
Tommie here are a couple of pictures that I have from thanksgiving at my moms.   Okami is doing great and I couldnt thank you enough for the great companion I now have.  JP in MA
"Hi Tommie!  Thank you so much for my beautiful puppy Dakota!!  He is doing great and loves his new home in Boston!  Dakota has such a playful personality and loves to cuddle!  I am so happy for him to be part of my family. Thank you again! Love, Nicole"
Hi Tommie!
Just wanted to send you some recent pictures of both Mitus and Koji.  Mitsu is almost 11 months now and Koji almost 5 months.  Both are doing very well and are very healthy.  They love eachother's company although they have very different temperments.  Mitsu is very playful and loves everyone!  Koji is much quieter and pretty timid, but it getting much better.  He has outgrown Mitsu already!!!  Mitsu is very petitte and stopped growing at about 11.5lbs, Koji weighed in at 14.5lbs at his 4 month check up :)
We couldn't be happier with our two puppies!  Thanks so much! Happy Holidays!
Sarah and James
Seattle, WA
hey tommie, dozer (gambit now) is great. He is really adjusting well and getting along with our other dogs. I've actually had a few people asking about the breed and I was just wondering if you have any litters expected soon, a friend was really interested. I'll send you some pictures of him in a few weeks for your site, I have a feeling he is going to be a very handsome dog.
Here is gambit at about 16 weeks with my friends new shiba puppy. He's turned out to be a pretty funny dog, he whines like a baby if people dont play with him but luckily there are plenty of people willing to fill that role.  2-24-2010  (black one)
SOLD to Ryan in FL
Yay for a new litter! We are itching for another shiba. Do you have any details on the upcoming litter? (such as parents, possible colors, ect.....) We are VERY interested!!
Kota is growing up way too fast! He's such a beautiful boy too. We took him to the mountains for the first time last weekend and he was in heaven. He even enjoyed getting in the water while we were fishing (it was only at the edge but he went in without any coaxing). One morning it was fairly cold so he climbed in the sleeping bag with DJ and I and fell asleep. He's such a lover. He is an amazing addition to our family...THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Alycia
Hey there! Just wanted to thank you for Zen we call him Bumi now (boo-me) because he is terribly klutzy and falls down when he plays! He is a very energetic dog and loves to run around. He also loves to dig! He is completely house trained now, how amazing it is he learned so fast.
Thanks, Alex and Kim
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Tommie, just wanted to let you know we got Simba home safely and he is amazing!  His new name is Kenzo.  Thanks again.
Bryan  in AZ    12-28-2010
Hello Tommie,  Just wanted to send some updated pictures of Ginger.  She's about 15 lbs now and getting her winter coat.  We have so much fun with her!  We've been taking her to a local dog park where she can run around and play with other dogs off the leash.  We get comments all the time on what a beautiful sweet natured Shiba she is.  She is also very smart and picks up on things quickly! She was 'Super Ginger' for Halloween this year as you can see in her photo.  And the other picture is her first time seeing snow.  She loved running around in it and chasing after snowballs. I know Santa is going to be good to our little peanut this year.  She's sure to have all kinds of toys and treats under the tree because she's been such a good girl!
Happy Holidays to you and your family,  Jerid, Jessica, and Ginger :)  in CT  12-2011
Hey Tommie!
We just picked kenzie up from the airport!
safe and sound.
Thank you sooo much!
Betsy & Deric in WA
Good Afternoon,  So here is another update on Kaida. A little progress has been noted. She is doing better outside. She took a poop today in the dog run. She still cowers when she sees people, but she is slowly progressing. Can’t wait until she enjoys going outside. Her coat is starting to grow in and so the bald spots are gone.  Sofia in NY       8-6-11

Hi Tommie  Just wanted to let you know that Nami arrived safe and sound.  The children were thrilled to finally meet her -- she's adorable (and has hardly used her legs in the last day and a half, as she has been passed from one lap/arms to another - Nami seems to love it).  She adjusting very well, eating well, slept through the night in her kennel and so far going potty outside.
Thank you for all that you have done.    Tierney Family in Ontario  7-2011
Hi Tommie, I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much we are enjoying our little Kioko Hana (Nema).  She is such a cuddlebug!!!  She is loved by all, but it is so fun to watch my youngest daughter dote on her like she does.  She is always getting covered up, or having a stuffed animal put under her head as a pillow.  I have found that when my daughter is not around to do that, she tends to elevate her head on something herself.  We bought Kioko The Original Slumber Bear that turns on when moved or when she cries or screams.  The heartbeat recording remains on for 5 minutes and seemed to calm her in the beginning.  She falls asleep on the bear every night.  We have enjoyed watching her learn and get more familiar with the house and her surroundings.  To my suprise, she mastered climbing both up and down the stairs within a couple of days.  She seems to like our cats, and they are getting used to having her around now too.  Potty training has been going very well, as she has only had a few accidents in the house and now goes to the door and whines when she wants to go out.  I am very impressed!!!  I was able to find the Pro Pac Puppy at our local TSC store, so she is on the same food, and doing well.  I will continue to keep you updated with her progress!!!  ~Jill  in MI  7-18-2011
Hi Tommie, Bella (Nala) is an amazing puppy and has made us very happy! She is so smart and has already been taught to sit and is potty trained. From the moment we met her up until now she has been so sweet and loves to play! We have had a lot of friends over and she has been so good with them. She loves to chew, hide under furniture, and cuddle with her stuffed animals! She is definitely an explorer and we look forward to exploring the world with her by our side! Thank you for everything.  With love,
The Solari family, Fl 7-2011
We received our puppy safe and sound, she is absolutely beautiful. I was so nervous to meet her but the moment she fell asleep in my arms I knew she belonged there. Her color is beautiful and her markings are even more pronounced in person. I call her Miko, she does well with our roommates kitten and my cat tolerates her, Miko just loves to torment Him. Miko has begun to sleep through the night and eats well. The only issues we are having is with potty training and chewing, other than that we are very happy with our little girl. Thank you for everything!  Serena & Justin in CA       7-12-2011
Hi Tommie: I wanted to send you an updated picture of Kira.  She is now about 7 months old, and quite grown up!  She weighs almost 20 lbs. and is probably close to being full grown.  Does she look anything like Taroo or Kimiko? 
Besides being beautiful, Kira is very smart!  She has such long legs and loves to go out for long walks.  She even loves to run with my son.  We are getting ready to start our intermediate puppy training class next week. 
Her favorite snack is raw carrotts, which you can see in the picture.  She also loves green beans!  We love her and are even considering getting another Shiba to keep her company :).
Thank you!     Vickie  OCT 2011
Just wanted to let you know how Karma is doing. She did such an awesome job riding home in the car last week never a whimper or a cry. Her and the cat have become big buddy's and do a lot of boxing with each other. Karma is already potty trained, and takes herself to the door to let us know that she has to go potty, which is amazing since she has not even been with us for a week yet. We have given her the nick name "The Terrorist" as she is extremely mischievious. She had her vet appointment Friday and was given a perfect bill of health!!! We are so much in love with her, Karma is a great gift to our family.
Thanks again  Troyce in KY    6-6-2011
Tommie, Just wanted to give you an update on Reagan (formerly Kodi). When we asked you what his personality was like, you said, "He is the sweetest Shiba I have ever had and he loves to play." Well, he is the same dog, just another 15 months older. Here he is hogging our bed with his best friend, our Shih Tzu, Max.  He still loves to play and would play fetch or go on walks for eternity. Reagan is excellent with other dogs and even though we encounter numerous dogs on our daily walks, has never once shown any aggression towards another dog. Everyone loves to let their dog play with Reagan because he is energetic but always gentle. He has grown into a handsome dog and everyone always asks what kind of dog he is and asks all about the breed. He was the perfect addition to our family and he makes us laugh with his crazy playfulness all the time.  Thanks again for our healthy and happy Shiba Inu.
Rick and Emily Colon                  July 2011
Hey Tommie, Everything checked out great with Kaden today:)  He is now 11.5 lbs and almost house broken!  We were at Petsmart buy food the other day and one of the employees asked us about Loki and mentioned that they hadn't seen him in a while.  We told her that Loki has his own pet camp at home. lol  Everyone is doing great!  Kimi is about an inch taller than Loki and she loves to be outside chasing anything that moves.  She's also into watching cartoons  these days.  Loki did gain weight just as you mentioned he would when we combined the puppy food and adult food so he's on a diet.  Unfortunately when he put on 4 lbs his energy level dropped so we're working with him to get out on more walks and exercise.  Right now he loves to lay around too much.  And Kayden is Kayden:) He loves to play and chew on things.  In fact he got into one of our couches pretty good but it's ok.  Anyway everyone is doing great and the 3 of them together are a blast!  I'll try to take some decent pics when I can get them sitting still.   Amy   
This is beautiful KIMI, she is a sister to MOTO shown on the right.  Kimi also has a brother on the past puppy page named LOKI. 
Hello Tommie, I just want to send you an update.  We purchased Keno now  (Moto)  from you in December and could not be happier.  he is such a loving dog and so happy. He loves his family and really loves being in his home.  Moto is now 7 months old and seems to be about full size. Here are a couple of recent pictures of him.
Thanks , The Breckler Family
hi tommy we just wanted to send you a new pic of karma.she is a awesome dog and we love her bunches.
thanks from mark and troyce in kentucky..
OCT 2011
(Red Akiko/Rocky)
(Kimiko/ Maverick)
(Kimiko/ Maverick)
(Kimi/ White Knight)
(Black Pearl/ Maverick)
(Nikki / Russ)
(Kimi / Rocky)
(Kimiko / Taroo)
(Kimiko / Taroo)
(Kimi / Rocky)
(Kimiko / Taroo)
(Red Akiko/ Rocky)
(Kimi/ Rocky)
(Red Akiko/ Rocky)
Kobi is doing well...first day he was very shy and having separation anxiety but now he's playful and is so smart already.
He hasn't used the restroom in the house once yet.
When he needs to go outside, he'll wake us up in the middle of the night and he does that about every 3 hours.  He hates collars/leashes right now and won't walk on a leash so we're trying to leash train him. He has stinky breath and sharp teeth haha.
He's currently on Blue Buffalo Puppy Food right now.
He already has a favorite toy, squeeky tennis ball and is teething a lot. He likes the Nylabone Puppy Teething Bones.  He does not like being in a crate. He adjusted a little better when we put a blanket over it to cover up the wires and he calmed down a bit.
Everyone can't get enough of him, he's so precious!
He's learning to already sit at doors before we go in/out and he knows how to go up stairways now. :) He gets tired after playing even just for a little bit and just wants to lay on the floor haha.
He's already claimed who Mommy and Daddy is. He'll walk in between both of us if we're not walking directly next to each other. Haha.
That's how he is so far. :) Keep you updated soon. thank you so much! We love him already!
-Janice in MD  NOV 2011
We got her home safe and sound. she's a little tired but shes out and chewing on a towel. She is just so precious.. will send some pics. lota things going on today...but I'll keep you updated.  Steven in FL
NOV 2011
We've got her home safe and sound. The flight was about 1/2 an hour late and then took an hour for her to get to the cargo office. So it was a late night.
She used the bathroom outside just fine! The dog and the cat love her and she seems very content w our rainy weather. Lots of leaves to play with.
Thank you so much! I'll send pictures once we're better settled.
--gen in OR  NOV 2011
(Red Akiko/Rocky)
(Red Akiko/Rocky)
(Red Akiko/Rocky)
Dear Tommie,
We are so happy to have Kaen with us! He is a character and always makes us smile! He will be fully vaccinated in one week. Our veterinarian just loves to see Kaen of his checkups! He has been fairly healthy so far but picked up a protozoa probably from some snow melt here. He's very smart and already knows most of his basic tricks. We have some video of him if you want to watch: Anyways, just wanted to tell you that he is doing great. Hope your day is going great as well!  Sincerely,
Marie  in CO APRIL 2012
Hi, Tommie! I have to thanks you for all the hard works to deliver a healthy, personality and active puppy to my family. we are going to keep her name as "NINI". She is doing great with everyone. And she like to adventure in the new place. Thanks for the dog food, you save my day. We will send you pictures later.
Thank you so much!
Lin Family  in NY
FEB 2012
Hey Tommie
Just wanted to send you some pictures and an update on Kymber! She is so beautiful and very smart. Its been amazing having her in our lives. We took her to the vet for her first check up and she is very healthy and strong. She is going for her second visit this week. We also put her in puppy training classes and she loves them! She's already learned Sit and Down. The best thing is that she is already potty trained and we didn't have to teach her where to go. She already knew where to do her business and we're very happy about that! Kymber is a little fiesty and loves to bite but we're working on that and little by little she is reducing the biting to just nibbles. =)  We'll send you another update on Kymber soon!
Anthony, Gisele and Kymber!  in NJ  JUNE 2012
Hi Tommie, Today is my 1st birthday and my mommy and daddy wanted you to see how pretty I have grown up to be!!! I am spoiled rotten, and definitely a mommy's girl, she is never allowed out of my sight, I even hog the couch when we snuggle. When I don't get my way I pout til mommy or daddy gives in, or I just pick on the cat then I finally get my way. When me and daddy play and I loose I run over and bit mommy's toes, just so I think I have won the battle.  Thank you for sending me to my parents I am so loved!!! It is really funny no one knows what I am people don't know or have never heard of a Shiba they all think I am a fox, I kinda look like one. The vet says I am one beautiful dog, and he loves it when I come visit, as I am the only Shiba around here... Thanks again and Happy Birthday to me!!!    Karma  March 24th 2012
Hi Tommie!
I purchased my dog Dakota from you 2 years ago!  I am interested in buying a new Shiba Inu puppy.  Please send me the info on the pups when they are born and pictures when you have them.  Thank you!
Here are some photos of Dakota!  He is 29 lbs.  Very Healthy and active!!  Thank you!  Look forward to hearing about the new puppies!
Nicole K  March 14 2012
Hi Tommie!! I wanted to say thank you for (Nickers) now Gypsy, she is my little princess and we love her very much. She is a year old today May 9th. I wish we had more friends with dogs so we could through her a birthday party.. haha. She is so full of energy each and every day and naughty too. She is very much a princess and good at getting her way. Gypsy is doing very well and is a healthy 15 pounds. She is a very petite and dainty little girl, but oh so cute!! She definitely has a one of a kind personality. She loves to bite my feet and anything made of wood, like our coffee table... She will bite the table and just stare at us while we are sitting watching TV, just to see what we will do, in hopes that we will jump up and chase her. She's a crazy little girl. Gypsy is also a great travel dog. We've taken her to California a number of times and even up to Idaho, which was a 15 hour drive from our home in Phoenix, and she was great! We are so happy with her. 
Thank you so much!!
Love Tyler and Genna   may 2012
Hi Tommie!! I wanted to say thank you for (Nickers) now Gypsy, she is my little princess and we love her very much. She is a year old today May 9th. I wish we had more friends with dogs so we could through her a birthday party.. haha. She is so full of energy each and every day and naughty too. She is very much a princess and good at getting her way. Gypsy is doing very well and is a healthy 15 pounds. She is a very petite and dainty little girl, but oh so cute!! She definitely has a one of a kind personality. She loves to bite my feet and anything made of wood, like our coffee table... She will bite the table and just stare at us while we are sitting watching TV, just to see what we will do, in hopes that we will jump up and chase her. She's a crazy little girl. Gypsy is also a great travel dog. We've taken her to California a number of times and even up to Idaho, which was a 15 hour drive from our home in Phoenix, and she was great! We are so happy with her. 
Thank you so much!!
Love Tyler and Genna   may 2012
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Hi Tommie: Everything went smoothly picking up Sakura.  She is a little cuddle bug!  She is very curious and loves to be held.  We have decided to name her Kona.  My oldest one, Kira, hasn't taken to her at all.  She is hiding and won't go in the same room as her.  As you suggested, I'm letting her have her space and time to get used to the new pup.  I'll send pictures soon.
Thanks so much!Vickie in CA  JAN 2014
Hello Tommie! Saki is home and having a blast in our home, he is definitely well like by my other two ( old bug tolerates then runs to me for safety, but doesn't snap at all!)
Marky is thinking of naming him Hiro, still thinking though.He has eaten and drank, pooped and pee'd and is really playful. Very curious and seems very smart!
Thank you!!!! 
Heidi in CA  JAN 2014
Hey Tommie! Sy has made it home with us safely and he has already gotten used to his new home! My family is thinking of naming him Shinji. He's a very hyper little guy and loves to play with his toys! My baby cousin also has taken a liking to him too, he will fit right in with our family with no problem! :) Thank you for everything i will send you an updated photo to you soon! Cassandra in IL  JAN 2014
Hi Tommie,
Sushi arrived safely to Seattle and is already a charmer. Thank you again for everything.
Jessica  Seattle, WA  Jan 2014
Tommie, it is great!  Shogun is amazing!  He has eaten, gone to the restroom outside and is currently cuddling with my youngest on the floor watching a movie.  My son keeps saying "I can't believe we have a dog".  We have already fallen in love in just a few short hours.  Thank you!  I will send you a picture soon!
Kelley in NV  Jan 2014