Health / Replacement Warranty
Aggreement of Sale

At the time of sale, Kremer Kennels believes the puppy to be free of parasites, healthy and a sound puppy of pet quality.  The puppy is current on vaccines for his or her age and has been properly weaned.  A licensed veterinarian has examined your puppy no more than 5 days prior to delivery.  A certificate of health was issued by the attending veterinarian for this puppy.  The standard health examination includes: 1) Heart and lungs 2) Internal and external parasites 3) Coat and skin condition 4) Knee joints 5) Eyes, ears and mouth 6) General Appearance of the puppy.  A fecal exam has also been performed.

Your puppy has been treated against internal and external parasites.  Your puppy has received preventive vaccinations for Kennel Cough, Canine Distemper, Para Influenza, and Parvo virus.  No vaccines are to be given within the first 10 days of receipt of the puppy without consent from Kremer Kennels.  Your puppy has been vaccinated according to age and additional vaccines could cause illness or fatality.  If any vaccines are given without consent of Kremer Kennels, the Replacement / Health Warranty is null and void. A shot record, with dates and de-worming schedule will be included in the delivery of your puppy. Your puppy has been properly weaned from its mother and being fed a high quality puppy food: Royal Canin Puppy Starter, in dry form.

Buyer may wish to present this puppy to a licensed veterinarian of his or her choice for a routine health screening in no more than three (3) business days of receipt of the puppy. (Please notify Kremer Kennels of the date of the exam by email or telephone, if one will be scheduled.)  Buyer agrees to assume all cost for the initial health screening exam and or any subsequent exams and or any services or medical treatments preformed by a licensed veterinarian.  No reimbursement will be made to any veterinarian or buyer for veterinarian services by Kremer Kennels without prior expressed written consent of Kremer Kennels.  If you decide not to take your puppy to a vet of your choice, Kremer Kennels assumes Buyer agrees with the licensed veterinarian of Kremer Kennels who issued the Health Certificate. 

If your veterinarian detects a life threatening problem within that initial visit, Kremer Kennels must be notified IMMEDIATELY.  This health warranty does not cover non life-threatening conditions such as coccidiosis or giardia.  Nor does it cover temporary disorders such as hypoglycemia, or other non life-threatening disorders such as uneven bite, undescended testicles, cherry eyes, inguinal or umbilical hernias, or patellar dislocations.  This warranty does not cover conditions caused by the following:  Poor nutrition, over supplementation, mistreatment, trauma injury from jumping or falling, and accidents not in the breeder’s control.

Upon initial exam should the attending licensed veterinarian diagnose any life threatening condition or conclude that the puppy is defective and unfit for purchase, notify Kremer Kennels immediately.  You must send a complete report from your vet detailing the condition complete with the AVID microchip number of the puppy.   Failure to notify Kremer Kennels of veterinarian’s report and the microchip identification number of the puppy within two (2) business days will void and nullify the Replacement Health Warranty.  If the buyer decides to keep the puppy after said veterinarian detects a problem, Kremer Kennels will not be responsible for any veterinary costs incurred.

Should the Replacement Health Warranty become applicable: all documents pertaining to the puppy must be returned to Kremer Kennels at the expense of the buyer.  Documents include:   Registration Application, original Health Certificate, all reports prepared by the attending licensed veterinarian, shipping manifest, etc.  Failure to comply will void and nullify the Replacement Health Warranty. 

Upon completion of the buyer’s claim requirement, buyer then has the right to select a replacement puppy of equal value but not to exceed the value of the original purchased puppy.  If a suitable replacement puppy is not available upon request of the buyer, said replacement will be made when a suitable replacement puppy becomes available.  Replacement cost, i.e. replacement puppy and freight only will be at the expense of Kremer Kennels. This Replacement Warranty is exclusive to replacement only.  Kremer Kennels reserves the right to make determination that both parities are better served by offering the buyer a refund in lieu of a replacement puppy.  This decision is at the discretion of Kremer Kennels.

Puppies sold directly from my home will not have a microchip unless otherwise agreed upon.  This is an added fee unless the puppy is being shipped, then it is included in the shipping fee.  

I have read and understand the warranty.